By visiting ‘Reserva Mundo Verde’ as a volunteer, 100% of your money will go towards the ‘Reserva Mundo Verde’ project vision. Your money helps Luis and Wyndi buy tools and materials for the farm and the reserve, employ local people in conservation projects, cover the cost of your food, Internet, and transportation to the Reserve.  There are no hidden administrative fees, as all administration is done on a voluntary basis by ex-volunteer friends of Luis’. For the minimum stay of one week the base price is $250. Volunteering prices are $18USD per day, for those who stay longer than a week. Making a 2 week stay the same as one. The cost Is lowered to $16 a day After the first Month. 

As follows:

1 week $250                      2 weeks $250                  3 weeks $378                 4 weeks $500

5 weeks $612                    6 weeks $724                  7 Weeks $836                8 Weeks $948

9 Weeks $1060                10 Weeks $1172             11 Weeks $1284            12 Weeks $1396

This includes:

                  • accommodation in the town of Las Tolas with Luis and Wyndi in your own private room/or in the Guest house on the Reserve when available
                  • 3 meals a day cooked for you fresh and tasty
                  • internet usage
                  • the purchase of small trees to Plant on the reserve, and/or surrounding farms
                  • Bird watching tour on the reserve
                  • trip to River in summer months
                  • the volunteer experience, as shaped by you

                     Luis volunteer and accomodation                    RMV Volunteer cooking

The photos above are of volunteers in their accommodation. The house has an indoor bathroom with hot water and all the comforts you’ll need. In the same street in town there is a shop that sells food and most basic goods, a bar and internet cafe and a workshop that sells jewellery and woodwork crafted from forest seeds (brilliant for all those gifts back home!)