Current Projects

Cabin building

20171212_164347The Cabin Lodge Under construction is a 8-Bedroom all wood home built from Fallen timber that is found in the forest after each rainy season. Cut into boards by chainsaw and hauled out by mules, delivered to the village Carpenter for preparing for construction.

This House upon completion will be the new guest home for future volunteers and Tourist, while the smaller cabins are being built. Once we have established a Business and have smaller cabins for tourist this will eventually be the home for Orphans that we wish to adopt.



The reserve is a bird enthusiast’s paradise, with over 156 different bird species to be found there. One such species is the rare and much sought after Long Wattled Umbrella Bird, Along with the newest discovery of the Andean Cock-of-the- Rock.  As part of their preservation, Luis has connected with other farms of the community as well who are wanting to devote part of their land for reforestation. Volunteers can help by rescuing small trees found in inappropriate places such as close to the road or under large trees, that if left alone would not make it to maturity. We are putting them in the green house and taking care of them until they are strong enough to replant. Additionally, we are buying seedlings from a community group that grows them for reforestation purposes. These trees are planted around the same time that we buy them.RMV volunteer tree plantingRMV treeplanting

Bird watching trails
A job that constantly requires attention is keeping the forest trails maintained. With leaves, sticks and tropical forest plants growing rapidly, and the occasional tree falling on the path, they are always are in need of attention. However with a machete and hoe in hand they are looking good in no time! We are starting a new map to expand the trails even further throughout the forest.20141003_120538
Organic farming
With the new green house built and ready to use and the rainy season here, we have plenty of time to spend in the green house (pictured below). We have a variety of seeds to be planted, ground to be prepared and crops such as yucca, potatoes, chinos and corn to be planted. So if you’re interested in gardening, there’ll be lots for you to get involved in.

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